July 4th, 2017

Confirmation Preparation Program Requirements

Confirmation Candidates' Requirements

Confirmation Candidates' Requirements Public School Student Catholic School Student
Attend Confirmation Preparation Classes for 1 & 2 (12 Classes) Yes NO
Watch Decision Point Videos (12 Sessions)   Yes Yes
Complete Works of Mercy and Service (20 pts)  Yes Yes
Complete Sponsor Designation and Confirmation Name Form  Yes Yes
Attend Confirmation Retreat (April) Yes Yes
Attend Confirmation Rehearsal w/ Sponsor (Fall)  Yes Yes
Confirmation Fee ($75)  Yes Yes


Works of Mercy and Service

All Confirmation Candidates (students) are required to complete a minimum of 20 points of Works of Mercy or Service before they receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Works will be recorded and signed on the Log and Points Worksheet. It will be the Candidate’s responsibility to complete the log and obtain signatures from the contact person and parent. Completed logs may be turned in at class or emailed to the Confirmation Director at confirmation.director@stmarysfranklin.org.  

Confirmation Works of Mercy and Service Policy and Log >>>

Sponsor Designation and Confirmation Name Selection 

Confirmation 1 Students must choose a Confirmation Sponsor. It is very important that when you choose a Sponsor you follow the Archdiocese of Boston Confirmation Guidelines included in the Confirmation Sponsor Form. Please print out this form and return it to the Religious Education Office.
Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor >>>
Confirmation Sponsor Form >>>

Parents' Requirements

Parents' Requirements Public School Student Catholic School Student
Attend Meeting: Confirmation Program Introduction
(Confirmation 1) (Held in September) **
Yes Yes
Attend Meeting: Confirmation - A New Beginning (Confirmation 2 only Prep for the Sacrament) (Held in May) ** Yes Yes
Attend Confirmation Rehearsal (Confirmation 2 - if Sponsor Unable to Attend) (Held in Fall) Yes Yes



 ** Includes Parents (excluding students) for Catholic School Students


Please contact the St. Mary Confirmation Director for interest in enrollment and any questions, comments or suggestions on our 2 year Confirmation Preparation Program.
Roger Gullo, St Mary Confirmation Director


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