July 4th, 2017

Children's Liturgy of the Word Preparation Materials


The Reader’s basic responsibilities are:

  • Check in with the presenter in the sacristy about 10 minutes before Mass

  • Follow the group of children to the sacristy to ensure timely, safe and orderly arrival

  • Read first reading*, the responsorial Psalm and the Gospel from the Children’s Lectionary (or from your copy of the readings, if you prefer)

  • Watch children during the homily to help them stay focused

  • Lead children back to the main church, ensuring timely, safe and orderly return

*If there are two readings in addition to the gospel, ask the presenter if you should read both.

The Lectionary for Masses with Children is the red book the Presenter will be holding when s/he processes in at the beginning of Mass and holds leading the children to the sacristy. The Presenter will leave it on the podium as the children are being seated. You can either read from the Lectionary or bring the printed copies to read from.

Here are some tips for reading:

  • Prepare the week before by reading through all readings out loud several times, practicing difficult words and timing

  • Speak slowly and clearly; try to look at the children occasionally

  • Help the children with responses, maybe hold up hand to indicate they speak with you:

    • After 1st reading: “Thanks be to God”

    • Responsorial psalm

    • Preparing for the Gospel, saying “Alleluia”

    • Before the Gospel beings saying “Glory to you Lord”

    • After Gospel: “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ”

  • During the homily, watch for the lector to poke his or her head in from the sanctuary to indicate when the homily is finished; get the attention of presenter so s/he knows to “wrap up”

  • Lead the children back to the main church; they may be seated when the Creed is finished (please wait until the Creed is finished before releasing the children to the main church)

  • Rejoin your family and offer a prayer of thanks! Thank you!!

If you can’t make your scheduled Mass, please request a substitute through the ministry scheduling software. If you are unable to find a replacement, please contact Monica Baker at MonicaLBaker@gmail.com or 508-446-4876.

November 20: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/nov%2020%20readings.pdf

November 27: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20November%2027.pdf

December 4: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20December%204.pdf

December 11: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20December%2011.pdf

December 18: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20December%2018.pdf

January 1: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20January%201.pdf

January 8: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20January%208.pdf

January 15: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20January%2015.pdf

January 22: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20January%2022.pdf

January 29: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20January%2029.pdf

February 5: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20February%205.pdf

February 12: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20February%2012.pdf

February 19: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20February%2019.pdf

February 26: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20February%2026.pdf

March 5: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20March%205.pdf

March 12: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20March%2012.pdf

March 19: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20March%2019.pdf

March 26: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20March%2026.pdf

April 2: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20April%202.pdf

April 23: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20April%2023.pdf

April 30: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20April%2030.pdf

May 7: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20May%207.pdf

May 14: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20May%2014.pdf

May 21: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/reader%20May%2021.pdf


Presenter Materials

The Presenter’s basic responsibilities are:

  • Check into the sacristy 15 minutes before Mass

    • Check in with the priest; if a guest priest, be sure he knows when to introduce you

    • Check in with the Lector; Remind him/her to let you know when the homily is finished

    • Make sure the reader is present and knows which readings you prepared for

  • Join the procession at the beginning of Mass

  • Receive a blessing as the Minister of the Word for Children after the opening prayer (as the congregation sits after the opening prayer, remain standing and walk to the front to receive the blessing. This will help the priest remember to invite the children.

  • Lead children to the sacristy

  • Introduce yourself and reader to children; give a brief overview of what they will hear about and some things to listen for in the readings (you’ll cover these in your homily)

  • After the Gospel is read, present a reflection/homily to the children

  • Conclude session and follow children back to main church

You will find the following to assist you in preparing your homily:

  1. Pages from “Celebrating the Lectionary” by Liturgy Training. There is adult background information about all readings and gospel for your benefit. Use the Homily/Reflection section to prepare your homily.

  2. A copy of the readings & gospel. If there is a second reading, let the reader know whether or not you need them to read it. Here are some tips for preparing your homily/reflection:

    • Spend time preparing your homily ahead of time – read the reading and Gospel and review the attached materials several times

    • Mention 2 or 3 things for the kids to listen for when you introduce the reader & readings

    • Have a plan – know what you’re going to talk about and how; feel free to use notes

    • Engage the kids as much as possible – ask questions, repeat their answers for everyone to hear, look for different raised hands, move around and SMILE! Be enthusiastic!

    • Plan for more than you think you need; time may fly by. Suggestions for filling time:

      • Use Prayers of the Faithful from the attached resource (mark them beforehand) or make up your own

      • Ask the kids who they would like to pray for (there are many grandparents and pets who benefit from this!)

If you can’t make your scheduled Mass, please request a substitute through the ministry scheduling software. If you are unable to find a replacement, please contact Monica Baker at monicaLbaker@gmail.com or 508-446-4876.


November 20: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/nov%2020%20presenter.pdf

Background Information on Advent: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/Background%20for%20Advent.pdf 

November 27: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20November%2027.pdf

December 4: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20December%204.pdf

December 11: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20December%2011.pdf

December 18: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20December%2018.pdf

January 1: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20January%201.pdf

January 8: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20January%208.pdf

January 15: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20January%2015.pdf

January 22: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20January%2022.pdf

January 29: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20January%2029.pdf

February 5: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20February%205.pdf

February 12: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20February%2012.pdf

February 19: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20February%2019.pdf

February 26: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20February%2026.pdf

Background Information on Lent: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/Background%20for%20Lent.pdf 

March 5: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20March%205.pdf

March 12: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20March%2012.pdf

March 19: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20March%2019.pdf

March 26: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20March%2026.pdf

April 2: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20April%202.pdf

April 23: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20April%2023.pdf

April 30: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20April%2030.pdf

May 7: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20May%207.pdf

May 14: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20May%2014.pdf

May 21: /media/1/Children's%20Liturgy%20of%20the%20Word/presenter%20May%2021.pdf


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