Lent a Season of Renewal

The Weave

The Weave is a quarterly newsletter published by St. Mary Parish. The purpose is to keep communication open among the members of the parish family, especially the homebound. The Weave contains articles pertaining to the liturgical season, articles of interest to various age groups, book reviews, and a calendar of events in the parish.

Copies of The Weave are available at the doors of the church.  Copies of The Weave are e-mailed to all who are on the parish e-mail list.  To be added to the parish e-mail list, please click here.  

If you would like a copy of The Weave mailed to you, please e-mail us at parishpublishing@stmarysfranklin.org.  You may also contact Joan or Paula.

For more information, please call Joan McGuire at 508-528-3789 or Paula at the rectory at 508-528-0020.

Deadlines for The Weave:
January 27 for the Lent/Easter issue
April 20 for the Pentecost issue
June 27 for the St. Rocco issue
October 29 for the Advent issue

The Weave - November 2016 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - July 2016 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - March 2016 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - Advent 2015 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - July 2015 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - March 2015 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - November 2014 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - July 2014 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - March 2014 (Lent/Easter) (pdf) >>>

The Weave - November 2013 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - August 2013 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - May 2013 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - February 2013 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - December 2012 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - August 2012 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - May 2012 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - February 2012 (pdf) >>>

The WeaveNovember 2011 (pdf) >>> 

The WeaveAugust 2011 (pdf) >>>

The Weave - June 2011 (pdf) >>>



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